Ski fashion in the late 1930s

Photo: (c) Beeldtype : My grandmother Margarethe de Rooij-Burgers in her ski outfit in Radstädter Tauern, 1937

While browsing through the old family photos I look for things that have changed tremendously through time. Fashion for one. I really like this ladylike ensemble and the cap my grandmother is wearing. It’s hard to make the material out, but my guess is that it is wool. After a little googling I found a blog with advertisements of winter clothing in the 1930s. I was right, ski clothing was mainly wool, or ‘fleecy wool’ as they called it. Nowadays skiers are clad in polyester and nylon, from top to bottom and aren’t nearly as stylish as my grandmother 🙂

Have a look at my grandfather teaching my mother a ski move:

My grandfather teaching my mother the right ski moves.

Note the pants and socks! I think he’s wearing knee-length socks with his pants tucked in and another pair of socks that are folded over the shoes. Quite stylish 🙂 Again all wool. Love the short jacket too!

And here’s a group of my grandparents friends:

ski friends posing in nice weather in Gargellen, 1938, my grandmother standing in the checkered vest.

Note the lady on the left and especially her gaiters covering her shoes. I think she’s wearing pants, but it looks like a skirt. I wonder how warm these woollen garments were. One thing is for sure: a fall in the snow would mean continuing with wet pants :-/ That’s when nylon entered the scene…

Published by Françoise Vaal

My addiction to visuals started with cartoons on tv, comic books, and movies. I dreamt away while looking at my mother’s landscape photographs and imagined going there and capturing the landscapes for myself. For more than twenty years I was a picture editor for newspapers and magazines but my own photography had been limited to snapshots of faraway countries. My wish of dedicating myself to my own photography and art finally came true. My home base is The Netherlands.

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