A photograph of old photo albums showing black and white family pictures
When will these photos be seen for the last time?

Welcome to my Captured in Time vintage photography project. As a photographer/artist I usually capture nature and natural shapes. But not too long ago I received old photo albums of my mother and grandparents and I became interested in these vintage pictures. I wondered: Who were they? In what time were they living? And then: who will look at these photographs for the last time? Will they be forgotten when nobody looks at them anymore? So many questions…

Time to explore and get some answers.

by Françoise Vaal

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Photograph of the author of this blog Françoise Vaal, photographing a shell on a beach.

About Me

I am Françoise Vaal and I am a photographer / artist, based in The Netherlands. I have always been intrigued by nature. I usually capture nature’s natural shapes, landscapes and abstracts to let my audience feel the inseperable connection we all have with nature. The Captured in Time project is a sidetrack.

Check out my art at www.beeldtype.nl

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